Apologetics Without Apology

Apologetics (from the Greek apologeisthai, meaning to defend) is an orderly defense and justification. The intent of this work is to present what the Roman Catholic Church teaches, and why. We present the Biblical and rational credibility and credentials of Catholic-Christian faith. Our apologetic approach bases the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church in Divine Revelation:

This text grew out of a series of presentations which explained Roman Catholic Church teachings in a manner which was easy to understand, yet soundly rooted in the two streams of the one source of Divine Revelation. The authors each participate in two faith communities, one Roman Catholic, and the other Evangelical Protestant. We realized that much of the friction between these communities results from miscommunication and misunderstanding. Therefore, we set out to explain the basis of foundational Roman Catholic teachings.

We desire to explain rather than convince. Our audiences always come from various faith communities with varying beliefs. Our intent is to explain Roman Catholic teachings in a language that makes sense to all the faith communities. So often, misunderstandings and friction result from mere differences in words.

2 Tim 2:14
Remind people of these things and charge them before God to stop disputing about words. This serves no useful purpose since it harms those who listen.
2 Tim 2:23
Avoid foolish and ignorant debates, for you know that they breed quarrels.

We use the Bible as the foundation for our presentation because we found that Bible based information is the single most important mode of initial understanding and sharing between our communities. Yet we make sure that the constant faith and teachings of the Church are presented as another stream of revelation.

As you read, you may disagree. Of course. We are not debating, just explaining. We seek to set forth the what and why of Catholic teaching. Once there is understanding, then we can be in a relationship based upon shared knowledge rather than misinformation.

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By Paul Flanagan and Robert Schihl.
Catholic Biblical Apologetics, © Copyright 1985-1997, Paul Flanagan and Robert Schihl

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