Being Catholic and Christian: Faith and Salvation

Catholic Christians believe that God loves us, each of us personally. God's love for us and our response to His love unites us. As with all important understanding of how persons relate to their surroundings, believers pass on to those who follow the guideposts which mark the path of belief.

Catholic Christians view the Bible, the written Word of God, as authentic historical literature. This literature is addressed to and has something to say to all people--it transmits an authentic teaching.

This teaching expresses a need to believe something and someone.

Included in this teaching is the promise of saving the believer from death to life ... eternal life.

This written literature or Scripture is a record of the earliest response in faith by believers to this teaching--open confession of detailed statements of faith.

The profession of faith historically--from Apostolic times--led to initiation into a supportive faith community of like believers.

This supportive faith community of believers was known and is known by many labels: the Way, Church, Christian, etc.

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By Paul Flanagan and Robert Schihl.
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